Bio-Prodict and Perspix Biotech cooperate in AI-powered Molecular Drug Design

Bio-Prodict, a Dutch protein engineering company and leading provider of molecular design solutions cooperates with Frankfurt based Perspix, a biotech company specialized in the development of next-generation multi-specific antibodies against cancer.

The strategic collaboration aims at further pushing the boundaries of therapeutic antibody engineering. By combining Bio-Prodict's expertise in protein data analysis and software design with Perspix's advanced experimental and in silico data generation capabilities, the collaboration will

• advance the engineering of novel biotherapeutics,

• enhance AI-powered molecular drug design, and

• drive innovative medicine development for patients in need.

The collaboration represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of scientific progress and underscores the shared commitment of Bio-Prodict and Perspix Biotech to become frontrunners of AI-driven molecular drug design.

"Together, we accelerate drug discovery through cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights", emphasizes Henk-Jan Joosten, CEO of Bio-Prodict.

"Through comprehensive training, our models empower researchers with predictive and generative capabilities, unlocking unprecedented novel therapeutic possibilities", says Matthias Wiedenfels, CEO of Perspix Biotech.